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WinDisp is a self-contained package designed to accept a wide variety of data formats an integrate them into a coherent presentation which can be printed or exported to a variety of standard format for use in other programs.

Data Types Supported

  1. Arbitrary ASCII column/delimited data files
  2. Geosoft line format
  3. Geosoft IP *.dat data format
  4. Zonge IP *.avg data format
  5. AMIRA EM format
  6. Located and assay/collar/survey drillhole files
  7. DXF and ArcView Shape files

Image Types Supported

  1. Geosoft binary and gxf (not compressed binary)
  2. Ermapper
  3. ARCinfo
  5. PCI
  6. Geopak

Image Display Options

  1. Colour/greyscale/colour drape
  2. Realtime and colour sun-illumination 
  3. Banded colour
  4. RGB

Image Processing Options

  1. Simple merge
  2. Contour generation 
  3. Convolution and FFT filtering
  4. Clipping, resampling and rotation

Data Display Options

  1. Marker/Value
  2. Profile 
  3. Pseudosection
  4. Sector/Circle/Bar
  5. Vector/phase/spectral

Data Processing Options

  1. Gridding of point data
  2. Smoothing/vertical gradient of profile data
  3. Clipping/masking of data points to polygons
  4. Two-point coordinate transformation and scaling
  5. Geographic coordinate transformation
  6. Up to 16 data macro definitions
  7. Export of data to csv formatted file

Output Options

  1. Standard windows printer
  2. ArcView/MapInfo
  3. Enhanced Metafile
  4. DXF
  6. PostScript/HPGL2

Key Benefits


The following two documents contain more detail on what WinDisp can do:

   WinDisp Functionality Part 1

   WinDisp Functionality Part 2