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3DModeller is an add-on for the WinDisp program which allows the user to create and display a 3D model containing a variety of data. This model can be exported to a binary model file which can be distributed to other users and viewed with the free 3DViewer utility program.

Data Types Supported

  1. UBC 3D model files
  2. Generic 3D xyz model files (eg from Vulcan/Datamine/Gemcom)
  3. ASCII xyz data files
  4. Geosoft/Ermapper topography/draped image grid files 
  5. BMP/GIF/JPEG draped image files
  6. Datamine/Vulcan/Gemcom facet model files
  7. Geosoft/Ermapper/BMP/GIF/JPEG vertical section image files
  8. DXF/Shape/Contour vector overlay files

Data Display Options

  1. Isosurface/block and sphere models
  2. Coloured/Image draped topographic surfaces
  3. Drillhole trace, coloured trace, variable radius and 3d vector display
  4. Multiple vertical section grids
  5. Vector overlay files draped over topographic surface
  6. 2D sections through 3D model 

Data Processing Options

  1. Creation and refinement of mag3d/grav3d UBC inversion files
  2. Creation of 3D model from point, section or drillhole data
  3. Interpolation of 3D model to smaller cell sizes
  4. Transformation of 3D models to other coordinate systems
  5. Sampling of 3D model along drillhole trace
  6. Creation and masking 3D model
  7. Editing 3D model to include simple geometric sources

Data Output Options

  1. Export of 3D model to xyz format
  2. Export of isosurfaces to Vulcan/Datamine/Gemcom formats
  3. Export drillhole data as csv
  4. Save 3D model section as Geosoft binary grid
  5. Export 3D model as VRML model

Key Benefits