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Acquire Drillhole Viewer 2.00 (5th January, 2005)

Acquire Drillhole viewer utility

   SCAacquire Install (910KB)


OasisAPI 6.1 (14th January, 2005)

Geosoft Oasis API interface

NB this is required is you are going to use GridView or DataView to view compressed Geosoft grid files or Geosoft database files. The files in this install set will be copied to the directory C:\Bin\SciComApp and you need to add this directory to your path. Also you need to install this API even if you already have Geosoft Oasis/Montaj installed on your computer.

   OasisAPI 6.1 Install (13,323KB)



Microsoft Redistributables

   GDI+ (1,017KB)

   MFC71 (505KB)