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The files contained in the download pages are password protected zip files. If you would like to obtain access to the programs to try them out, please email the Volume Serial Number of the C drive on the PC you will be using to john.paine@onaustralia.com.au and the zip file password and an access code will be generated which will allow you to use the program for 14 days.

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MGinv3D: Mag and gravity Inversion


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Geosoft External API

Geosoft Oasis API interface

NB this is required is you are going to use WinDisp, GridView or DataView to view compressed Geosoft grid files or Geosoft database files. The files in this install set will be copied to the directory C:\Bin\SciComApp and you need to add this directory to your path. To make life simpler, the installer now adds the folder to the path as part of the process. Note too that you need to install this API even if you already have Geosoft Oasis/Montaj installed on your computer.

   OasisAPI 6.3 Install (20,744KB)

Geosoft DLLVer test  Use this utility to check that all of the Geosoft 6.3 API files required are loaded on the system. It creates a log file named Geosoft_DLLver.log in the folder where it is run

If you encounter problems opening grid files or databases, you may also need the Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Redistributable Package from the link here

   vcredist_x86.exe (14,119KB)

   vcredist_x64.exe (14,640KB)

You may also need to install the Microsoft .Net 2.0 Framework located here

Sentinel SuperPro Driver

Download the dongle driver from the Sentinel SuperPro from the link:

Sentinel Protection Installer 7.7.1.exe

 Update Key Utility

If you have been provided with a key to update the licences on your dongle, then you need to install the key update utility from the link:

Field Exchange Utility

Troubleshooting the dongle:

If you have installed the driver and inserted the dongle and the program does not recognize the key, open up the Windows device manager, click on the USB controllers device to expand the list and check if you have a SafeNet USB SuperPro device listed.

If it isn't or has a yellow exclamation mark against it, then the driver isn't loading correctly. Try running the driver installation program again using the Run as Admin option and see if the dongle gets recognized.

If that doesn't fix the problem, download and install the Sentinel Medic program from the link:


Then run the program with the key installed and click on the Troubleshoot button and see if it reports any errors. Hopefully that will throw some light on what is happening.

Free Utilities

SCAMultiGridView 3.00.01 (25th November, 2022)

Multiple Grid display utility

   Full GridView Install (5,545KB)



DataView 2.02 (25th July, 2005)

Data conversion utility

   Full DataView Install (1,975KB)

ProjectionUtility 1.00 (2nd July, 2007)

   Full Projection Utility Install (972KB)

acQuire Drillhole utility 2.00 (14th January, 2005)

   acQuire drillhole utility (910KB)

This utility is a simple interface to test that the acQuire DirectX has been correctly installed. The viewer lets you view a simple plan view of the drillhole collars along with simple plots of the drillhole intervals and drillhole trace.

   acQuire DirectX installer (11,296KB)

After running this installer, you need to add the folder containing the AcqDirectX.ocx file to your path (eg the standard location for this install is C:\Program Files\Metech\acQuire DirectX).

IPUtil (25th July, 2007)

IP dump file conversion utility

  IPUtil Install (2,521KB)

IPR-12 Conversion Program