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IP Processing System Program Files

TQIPdb Install Sets Version 2.12 (23rd March, 2022, 7,369 KB)

These are the install sets for the IP import/QC and export program TQIPdb. Download the required file to an empty directory (eg C:\installs\TQIPdb), double click on the downloaded file and the program will be installed on your system.

For first-time installatation, right-click on the installer and select the "Run as Admin" option. Also do the same when installing the software access key.


  TQIPdb 2.12 full install (8,838 KB)          


  TQIPdb latest update 2.12.97  27th, March, 2024      9,612KB)



Documentation Files

   WinDisp IP workshop notes  (4,178KB)

   WinDisp IP workshop data  (1,545KB)